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Why I fix Pianos?

As a musician, and always someone handy at fixing things, I decided learn and develop a practical skill in the music business. I am a registered member of piano the Piano Technicians Guild.  To obtain the RPT classification, a PTG member must pass three examinations. (click on link for PTG details)

Twenty five years ago I served a 2 year apprenticeship with a Piano Tuner / Technician by the name of Jim Coleman who was working for the Penn State University at the time.

Jim and I did just about everything imaginable in regard to the repair of the 50 plus mainly Steinway Piano inventory. He even showed me how three skinny men could move a concert grand up three flights of steps. -Which I still debate with myself over how useful this particular skill is.......After graduating college I ended up owning a music store in the Mid Hudson Valley of NY where I serviced pianos for many years.

I now run my business out of Berlin, CT serving Central Connecticut and Central, Metro-West and Boston Massachusetts.

Why Call Me?

I've been around a while in the music business. My travels have taken me into many unique musical situations as a performer, sound man, piano technician and business person. I've worn and continue to wear many hats with all the musical crowds from educators and performers in classical, Jazz , country and rock and roll... ..-So we should be able to get together on the matter at hand....

How often should I tune my Piano? The North East provides a problem for most pianos. -Cold Dry winters and hot humid summers......... More

Should I restore my piano? Certain brands and models justify the expense of complete restoration. However.....More

Is better to tune by ear or us a electronic tuning device? Today, like in so many areas of our lives the computer has made fundamental changes. You can now have your piano tuned by machine or by ear. I do both..... More

Is a real Piano better than a Keyboard? No, not if you are not going to tune it or do the minimum amount of work so it performs adequately. A beginner would be better learning on one of the many digital pianos available at modest prices these days. Nothing sounds and feels exactly like a real piano. However, nothing is worse than a neglected real piano. So either commit to the work on a real piano or purchase a digital.

Am I missing Something? Well, If you have misplaced your piano call me I will help you look for it. Otherwise most piano owners do miss something very simple. If you air-condition your piano in the summer months and run a humidifier in the winter months you will be amazed at how much more stable the piano remains. It is called climate control-used by all major museums. -This small detail will save you money and make owning a piano much more enjoyable. In addition there is the Piano Life Saver available to add to your piano which can also do this. -ask me about it. It is the best solution for you and me especially if the other systems are not doing the job or are not maintained properly.
What Kind of Piano should I purchase? A good one that fits YOUR NEEDS. Like every thing, some brands are typically better than others but exceptions exist. Sometimes you find a good one out of a typically bad model or brand...... and vice versa.....You will most likely need to pay for a good Piano. However, for those of you on a budget, there are always people happy to get rid of their old piano if you just pay to move it for them. Probably the best way to purchase a used Piano would be to pay a Piano Technician to look at it before you take the plunge. More
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