Precise In-house Piano Services for You

When you need piano service right at your home, make your way to Our team comprises musicians and repair specialists and has expertise in the complete rebuild of pianos. Whether you want tuning or restoration services, we have the right knowledge, resources, tools, and materials to ensure quality services.


First-time piano owners can expect to have their piano evaluated to discuss the general health of the piano.


Other than piano parts repair, sometimes it can also include a tuning service call - time permitting.


We have years of proficiency in moving pianos of all types and sizes safely and smoothly. In addition, we are fully insured.


Commonly, refinishing jobs typically include some repair work or rebuilding. Restoration and refinishing are different than buying a new piano.


Certain brands and models justify the expense of complete restoration.

Piano Voicing

It is the adjustment of a piano's tone or quality of sound. Pianos all have their unique voice.

Piano Regulation

As pianos age, a few parts become worn or begin to fatigue under the weight of gravity and heavy and regular use. This can lead a piano to perform or act poorly.

Pianos for Sale & Rent

Other than repair and restoration services, we also have pianos for sale. We also provide piano rental services for concerts, private parties, or homes. Our professionals are well-trained and knowledgeable to help you get the services you need.