Piano Tuning

Tune Your Piano for a Better Performance

How often should I tune my Piano?

The North East provides a problem for most pianos -Cold Dry winters and hot, humid summers. Just the temperature change alone is enough to kill any piano. Twice a year is a minimum. Three to four times a year is better and as often as needed for someone who counts on it. Pianos not being used should be serviced once a year.


How should I have my piano tuned?

Today, like in so many areas of our lives, the computer has made fundamental changes. You can now have your piano tuned by machine or by ear. I do both. The new machines are amazing and approach the tuning in a way that takes the best of what an aural tuner would do with the consistency of a machine. In fact, in many cases, the machine may "hear" more. I have been tuning old school for over 25 years and also use the latest Veritune tuner app loaded on my iPod. I will tune using either method, so if you have a preference, please let me know. I also use a very long-extending tuning lever for grand pianos and some uprights. It does a better job of moving the pin. Also, on many "tighter pinned” upright pianos, I use an impact tuning lever as it seems to move the strings with the least amount of effort.

Currently, I tune for a private clientele, several piano stores selling new brands such as Yamaha and many used pianos. In addition, I have several commercial accounts that I service regularly for concerts and live studio performances. These accounts include The Hartford Jazz Society, WICN Public Radio, and Infinity Hall.

Standard Rates

  • $150.00 Tuning (1.25 hrs)

  • $245.00 2 years or more since last tuning (2.25 hrs)

  • $340.00 5 years or more since last tuning (3.25 hrs)

  • **Does not include additional repair work if needed once appointment time is used.

  • Educational and Corporate accounts welcome! 

  • Written evaluation--$150.00.