Piano Refinishing

Let Your Piano Shine and Perform Again

How much will it cost?

Most refinishing jobs typically involve some repair work or rebuilding. -So estimates are the only way to go with this. Restoration and refinishing are different than buying a new piano. If you want a new piano, buy one. Restored and refinished pianos differ from new ones as they obviously involve working with older existing pianos and all of their parts in various states of repair and or disrepair. So, perfection in restoration differs from perfection in new. Levels of Perfection also obviously follow with how much money can be spent or even should be spent on any piano restoration project.


Piano Finishes Available

  • Sprayed water-base (newer technology - environmentally friendly - looks great)
  • Traditional sprayed lacquer (tried and true)
  • French-Polish (very expensive/good for certain situations)
  • Polyester Repair

Keyboard Refinishing

  • Clean and Polish Real Ivory Keys / Replace missing Ivory
  • Refinish or Replace Black Keys
  • Replace Ivory Keys With Plastic Key Tops
  • Replace Black Keys in Real Ebony or Plastic

Hardware Restoration

  • Polish Existing Hardware (If Possible)
  • Replace Existing Hardware (If Available)
  • Re-plate Existing Hardware (If Possible)
  • Replace Wheels